Got a Hole in Your Wall? No Pproblem.

We offer professional drywall repair services in Kennewick, WA

Most homeowners have at least one story about how a hole was knocked in their walls-a game of indoor baseball, a wrestling match between siblings, a day of rearranging furniture that went wrong. No matter how that hole, dent or other drywall damage happened, the experts at Donovan Enterprises can fix it. We pride ourselves on excellent Ssheetrock repair work and interior painting. After our drywall technician has completed the repair, your wall will look like new.

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Choose the company with full-service repair

Don't let drywall damage ruin the interior design of your home. You worked too hard to make each room look great to have a crack or hole in the wall ruin the effect. Our drywall repair technicians can perform:

Sheetrock repair
Ceiling repair
Popcorn ceiling removal
Interior priming
Interior painting

Don't live with obvious patches in your drywall. Find out more about our drywall repair service in Kennewick, WA now.